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Couples are increasingly drawn to create a wedding ceremony and celebrations that are a true reflection of who they are, rather than be bound by tradition without any personal touches or rituals, so it could feel like anyone’s ceremony.​  Opting for a ‘celebrant led’ wedding ceremony means we can collaborate to co-create a ceremony weaving in personal elements, so it truly feels like yours from start to finish.


How would we work together?

If you are considering working with me, it’s best to have an initial short call to start, to check if I am available and we can talk for 10-15 minutes, where you can ask me any questions, without obligation.  Take a few days to consider if you’d like to book me, then if you do, I will ask for a deposit to secure the booking.

I then send you a detailed questionnaire, to get a sense of you as a couple, how you met, fell in love, hopes and dreams for the ceremony and your life together.  This questionnaire forms the back drop in terms of content to build a script for your ceremony.  Once I’ve received the questionnaire we arrange a meet up, ideally in person or if needed over zoom.  After the meeting, I then get going with the first draft of the ceremonial script, which we can edit and fine tune as much as we need to, up to 6 weeks before the ceremony, where we want to have it all agreed on, so you can relax in the knowledge that your ceremony content is exactly as you’d like it.

I can guide you with the structure of a ceremony and different examples of wording.  I can write the whole script for you, or there may be parts that you want to really personalise and write individually, or as a couple, such as the wedding vows, where I can simply be a sounding board.  You can really think about the style and tone of your wedding you wish to create, and we can work with and around that, rather than you having to fit to it.  Just like everything else you are likely to be choosing for your wedding day, you have options.  Planning your ceremony together can be a joyful and fun process, where you may find out even more about each other and reinforce why you want to take the next step to get married.

On the day itself, I will arrive early at your venue and be on hand to check any last-minute logistics and reassure you that all is in hand for the ceremony.  I do not book anything else on that day, so my total focus is you.

Is a Celebrant led wedding legally binding?

As the law stands currently, it is not legally binding.  The easiest way to think about it is to separate the legal from the ceremonial.  To cover off all bases, you will need to have a legal ceremony and register your marriage at your local registry office, which can be a very short event with 2 witnesses, which essentially consists of signing the register.   Many couples choose to do this a few days before their celebrant led ceremony.

How far will you travel?

With enough notice I will travel anywhere for a wedding, including overseas.  If travel expenses are significant, these would be additional to the celebrant fee.

Does the venue I choose need to have a wedding license?

If you choose to have a celebrant led wedding, you have no restrictions on where you get married.  As above, with the legal piece taken care of, this gives you a totally free reign with how and where you choose to have your wedding.   You are free to be in more formal venues, which may or may not have a marriage license or in a woodland, on a beach or anywhere that feels meaningful to you.

What is the difference between a Humanist Celebrant and a Civil Celebrant?

A humanist ceremony tends not to have any  religious content.   A civil celebrant is able to weave in aspects of religion and spirituality, should that be desired, without it being a formal religious ceremony, which follows a set format.


It can be a beautiful thing for a couple to decide to renew their vows, for a significant anniversary, because they have been and come through a period of great challenge, maybe perhaps due to illness where it feels strengthening to renew their commitment to each other.


Whatever the reason, working with a celebrant means that you can totally personalise renewing your vows and make it a bespoke ceremony reflecting a deepening of your connection, that your family and friends can enjoy.

Obviously, because you are already married, there is no legal aspect that needs consideration, so it is simply a case of visualising what type of ceremony would reflect who you are as a couple now, reflecting how far you have come together, what you have built together, thus far and hopes and dreams you still wish to fulfil as you continue to walk your path together.

Vow Renewals
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