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To arrange an initial short call without any obligation to book me send a message to:


Weddings, from £600

Vow renewals, from £500

Naming Ceremonies, from £300

Funerals and Memorials, £250 for a single service length or £300 for a double service length

For funeral services, the fee tends to be paid via the Funeral Director.

What is covered by the starting fees?

  • This fee covers all pre planning meetings and questionnaires to establish content and style of the ceremony.

  • All script drafts, edits and final scripts.

  • Any coaching on script content you would like to deliver yourselves.

  • This fee covers all travel costs within London.

Additional Costs:

  • If you would like any additional bespoke rituals on top of ceremony, that may require particular resources or supplies, this would be an additional cost.

  • I am very happy to travel outside of London and the UK for Ceremonies. Travel costs and accommodation would be charged for on top of the celebrant fee.

If you or your family are experiencing real financial difficulty, which would make these fees prohibitive for you, I am happy to discuss on a case by case basis.

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