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As traditional religion is falling away somewhat, naming ceremonies are becoming a more personal and authentic way to welcome a new arrival into the family.  All the components can be bespoke and the setting can be anywhere.  You can choose significant friends or family members to be guide parents, choose readings and music, potentially working around a theme. It can be a small very simple ceremony in your home or garden, part of a party or a stand-alone event.

How would we work together?

After an initial short call to see if we are a fit, I would send you a short questionnaire, just to find out a few background details about the style of ceremony you are hoping to create and most importantly, the personality and characteristics of the individual whose naming ceremony it is.  We would also talk about other significant people that may be involved in the ceremony.

We would then meet in person to fill in any more detail, get a better sense of each other and how you would like to celebrate your special person. From here, I would then go away and work on a draft script for the ceremony and send to you for any final edits and additions.

We could also look at adding in ceremonial rituals such as: a sand ceremony, pebbles in a jar with names on them of the significant people in the child’s life, a time capsule with memories of the year they were born, with special letters and wishes, that can be kept safely and opened down the years.

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