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About Me

I am Diane and as a Celebrant, I am passionate about creating bespoke, heart felt, tailor made ceremonies. I’ve always been drawn to talking about the big questions of life and where we find meaning and purpose, through the light and shade of life’s experiences and how we mark our loves and losses and rites of passage, through rituals and ceremony.​  I feel I can draw on all the different professional strands and skills I’ve collected working in different industries, combined with empathy from life experiences and a curiosity about people from all walks of life and cultures, from living in different countries growing up and working with all different nationalities in my work.

Diane King Celebrant Funerals & Memorial Services

Funerals & Memorial Services

Some individuals will have had the foresight to really think about how they would like their funeral to be, what rituals they would like and how they would ideally like to be honoured and remembered.  In many cases though, it is left to family members or friends, in the early stages of grief and shock and overwhelm to try to from this space make sensitive choices and figure out how best to remember their person.


Weddings & Vow Renewals

Couples are increasingly drawn to create a wedding ceremony and celebrations that are a true reflection of who they are, rather than be bound by tradition without any personal touches or rituals, so it could feel like anyone’s ceremony.​  Opting for a ‘celebrant led’ wedding ceremony means we can collaborate to co-create a ceremony weaving in personal elements, so it truly feels like yours from start to finish.

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Naming Ceremonies

As traditional religion is falling away somewhat, naming ceremonies are becoming a more personal and authentic way to welcome a new arrival into the family.  All the components can be bespoke and the setting can be anywhere.  You can choose significant friends or family members to be guide parents, choose readings and music, potentially working around a theme.  It can be a small very simple ceremony in your home or garden, part of a party or a stand-alone event, and the benefits they will receive. A great description gets readers in the mood, and makes them more likely to go ahead and book.

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